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Rod Brooks :: VP and CMO :: PEMCO


Listen to Rod talk about marketing moving from the age of interruption to the age of engagement.


Rod tells people he’s a marketer to the core. PSAMA thinks so, Rod was named “PSAMA Marketing Legend” in 2014.

Ask him about his “taproot” or his “passion” and he’ll share story after story about why he does what he does. Rod likes to think that he “gets it,” but he also emphasizes that continuous learning and exploration is one of the keys to whatever success he has had.

During his nearly 40-year career, Rod has been the marketing force behind successful start-ups, emerging growth companies, and well established Northwest businesses such as Schuck’s Auto Supply, Egghead Software, and Coinstar. In 1999, Rod took the marketing helm at PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company. With the role came the opportunity to help transform an analytical operations-based organization into a dynamic customer-centric, market-driven and results-oriented mutual organization. Now, almost 15-years later, Rod calls the insurance business one of the biggest marketing challenges he’s faced, and he views PEMCO’s current campaign as one of his most rewarding. He’s a lot like you. A little different!